Nestled between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Shenandoah River, the family farm is close to 250 acres of pasture and rented ground in the rural community of Clarke County.

brady with lambCornerstone Suffolks and Club Lambs began in the spring of 1988 with a single goal… to produce the complete sheep. Although our focus at the time was primarily on larger framed, breeding type sheep, we had a high demand for 4-H and FFA project lambs. In the early 90’s we began shifting gears solely to the production of club lambs, and we have never looked back.

With the growing demand for lamb through Virginia Lamb & Meats we have been slowly increasing the size of our flock while diligently culling those to our meat market that fall below our show standards. Right now we are at about 80 select black face ewes and 10 or so registered Southdowns. We continually aim to produce show lambs that are moderate to large in frame size, heavy muscled, tight hided, and stylish.

Over the years we have experienced both set backs and significant advances, but one thing stands true… We only offer breeding stock from our keeper pen! If they are not good enough for our flock how can we expect them to be good enough for yours.

In 2002 we were honored to receive the “Outstanding Shepherd” Award from the VA Sheep Producers Association. Both Corey and Janet have been privileged to serve individual terms on the Governor appointed VA Sheep Industry Board. Corey is also a well respected and sought after livestock judge at county, state, and regional shows throughout the Mid-Atlantic area.

The Childs Clan Brady, Jordan, Brett, Kayla

The Childs Clan
Brady, Jordan, Brett, and Kayla

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