If you haven’t been to our site lately… a lot has changed! From our focus to our genetics to even our web site! We hope you will take a moment and look around. We have a lot of great things in store for the coming year.

For over 25 years we have raised competitive club lambs. And, we have spent almost a decade selling lamb at some of the most prestigious farmers markets in the Mid-Atlantic. Although we have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the consumer face-to-face, it has been challenging focusing on two completely segregated markets. This past winter we made the decision to re-prioritize and refocus on the club lambs, after all, that is what we love most.

The industry has changed dramatically in the past several years. To follow suit, we have introduced several strong Hampshire bloodlines into our flock. We spent the past year acquiring and incorporating genetics from breeders such as Duffy/Franklin, Johnson, Allred/Elliott, and Impact Hamps. We are very excited about the future of Cornerstone Club Lambs and can’t wait to share our 2015 lamb crop!

A few New Stud Ewes

702 Old School ewe
Creole X Berry bred to Strange Old School X Ceaser bred to Trueblood A/E Dually (Signature x Patent) X Slack bred to “Sparky” the Shroyer bred “Kool Aide” Son Plus,we added a select group of stud ewes from Greiner Sisters bred to “Sherman” and “Colt” (Whitacre bred “Glasspack son” X...

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2013 Virginia State Fair

Champion Senior Pig Showman
What a awesome time! Lots of great friends and good looking sheep. Both kids did very well in class, showmanship, and premier exhibitor. Congratulations to Brady for winning Champion Senior Pig Showmanship and having the third best pig in the barn!

A little play time…

country roads
The past several months have been jam packed with activity. Between finishing up school, coaching soccer, lambing, and the farmers markets there has been little time to play. And what’s life without a little play time. So I decided to take a couple of half days off and drive down...

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