A few New Stud Ewes

702 Old School ewe

Creole X Berry bred to Strange Old School X Ceaser bred to Trueblood A/E Dually (Signature x Patent) X Slack bred to “Sparky” the Shroyer bred “Kool Aide” Son Plus,we added a select group of stud ewes from Greiner Sisters bred to “Sherman” and “Colt” (Whitacre bred “Glasspack son” X “Tank”),  another really stout A/E […]

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A little play time…

country roads

The past several months have been jam packed with activity. Between finishing up school, coaching soccer, lambing, and the farmers markets there has been little time to play. And what’s life without a little play time. So I decided to take a couple of half days off and drive down back country roads snapping photos. […]

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