If you haven’t been to our site lately… a lot has changed! From our focus to our genetics to even our web site! We hope you will take a moment and look around. We have a lot of great things in store for the future.

For over 25 years we have raised competitive club lambs. And, we have spent almost a decade selling lamb at some of the most prestigious farmers markets in the Mid-Atlantic. Although we have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the consumer face-to-face, it has been challenging focusing on two completely segregated markets. Therefore, we made the decision to re-prioritize and refocus on the club lambs, after all, that is what we love most.

The industry has changed dramatically in the past several years. To follow suit, we have introduced several strong Hampshire bloodlines into our flock. In 2015 we decided to focus our genetics around three buck lines. These are Powerball  (Miller – Powercat X Maker) who has worked so well for the Ott’s and McGolden’s, Arms Race (Miller- Maker x Masterpiece) who is working for Impact Hamps and Eroc (Ellerbrock – Eclipse X Untouchable) who is performing so well at Ellerbrocks’s and Haw’s club lambs.  We also added additional donor quality ewes from Ott Club lambs and Ellerbrock Club lambs.  We want to thank Brad and Deb Ott for allowing us to acquire Soldier (Powerball X 100) their outstanding RR/NN keeper buck from 2014.

Adding this focus, to our large group of outstanding keeper ewes from our 2015 AI program featuring Apollo (Impact), Trailblazer (Johnson) and Pimp Juice (Rule) to our flock which has been built on top linebred genetics,from such great bucks as the Cabaniss-bred Allred-Elliott Composure buck through both Money Maker and Swamp Donkey, Duffy’s Trunk and Young Jock bucks, and Millers’ Masterpiece and Buckmaster bucks should position us well for the future.. We are very excited about the future of Cornerstone Club Lambs and can’t wait to share our program with you!


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