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Guidelines for Use

You are welcome to use any of the photos or clipart shown on the following pages. Some of these are original artwork by Janet, others are images we have picked up along the way. If you use any of the graphics in our collection for your personal web site, all that we ask is that you link to us by using one of the banners below.
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Images are not to be sold or used on commercial sites. All other pictures, graphics, and images on this web site are copyrighted and are not allowed to be used without our written consent.
Do not link directly to images. To save, right mouse click over the image and click "save image as." Be sure to remember what directory on your hard drive you saved the images to for future use.
Sheep Screen Savers and Desktop Wallpapers

Sheep Clipart - Page 1

Sheep Clipart - Page 2

Sheep Clipart - Page 3

Sheep Clipart - Page 4

Sheep Clipart - Page 5
Should any of the above graphics be copyrighted and not allowed to be part of a collection, please e-mail us and they will be removed immediately.
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